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13539 N Florida Ave, Tampa FL 33613
Powerhouse Gym
North Tampa
Train Where
the Pros Train!
24-Hour Access
Co-Ed Gym

Nov 1, 2012
by Craig C.

Jun 3, 2012
by Joseph S.

Feb 24, 1012
by Kent S.

Mar 31, 2011
by Chip R.

Jul 19, 2011
by Leo K.

Dec 4, 2012
by mledc13

Sep 27, 2010
by Rebecca

Dec 31, 2007
by Guest18331

Dec 31, 2007
by Guest49847
Finally found a gym in Tampa where there isn't some Euro-bro barely pushing a buck-sixty curling in the squat rack. No Lululemon rockin' moms doing Bar Method bullshit where you're trying to deadlift either.

Unfortunately I managed to sign myself up for a Florida Sports Club trial membership in a rare moment of idiocy so I had to cancel the month at Powerhouse Gym North Tampa that I signed up for (at least until my time is up at the sh*thole that is every FSC). Powerhouse Gym North Tampa was cool about refunding my cash however so that deserves a 5 in my book.

It's definitely more a BB gym than a place for PLs or anything like that.

There are enough huge dudes here that could probably pick me up by palming my head like a basketball though.
This is my gym currently. I like it - it definitely gives the vibe of being a masculine gym filled with steel weight machines. The cardio machines are plentiful. The majority of the members are a bunch of hot toned buff guys and girls, everywhere - it's a tease working out here in that respect - but I like it b/c everyone is here to workout hard - no annoying guys and girls doing light cardio while talking on their cell phones here. (hello..that is not a workout.)
Great Place for a good work out without all those wannabes around. It's a real gym, so no fancy crap at this place, I love that.
Really good gym to lift weights. I've been going here for about a year and it has been great. They have all the equipment you need for a good, well rounded workout. I've even met some pro bodybuilders there while working out. The equipment is clean and well maintained and the locker room has a nice decor.

I've used this gym a few times in my trips to Tampa, Florida and it is one of best lifting gyms anywhere, not just Florida. This place is like nirvana for the hardcore lifter, or meathead heaven. Yes, it is worth every penny IMHO.

The staff have been very helpful each time I have gone there, and have even engaged me in conversation asking about where I am from, lifting goals, and even what size of their shirts would be best as I made decisions on what memento to short, they act like your business means something to them. Good business practice, it keeps them on my list for sure.
The gym itself, a good hardcore environment. Free weights and Hammer Strength equipment, all the usual lifting equipment the hardcore and not so hardcore lifter may need both while upstairs some cardio and other space, a shake bar and a few tables to enjoy your drink at. But let's get back to downstairs, an almost basement feel...awesome. The serious lifter has no problem achieving a great workout. Plenty of weight (up to around 160 lbs dumbbells), lots of Hammer Strength plate machines, and wow, get this, real metal plates/weights! Oh how I've missed thee, metal weights! Just the sound of you clinking sent my heart racing to get an awesome workout. And great workouts they were, great atmosphere to get the job done and the right resources to make it happen.

Bottom line: Lifter and bodybuilder heaven. Great staff and gym. I wanted to take this whole place back home with me! They will continue to get my workouts in Florida when I visit there.
If you want a good work-out, this is the gym for you. This gym is a very high energy gym. It is reasonably priced as well. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Tampa!!
This is a decent place to pump it up! I lost 10 pounds my first month.
Clean, new bulbs, great service! Awesome gym!
Clean, new bulbs, great service!